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    Flex pipe Hosen tube flexible pipe flex piece flexion exhaust pipe for VW 50 x 150

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    Flex pipe Hosen tube flexible pipe flex piece flexion exhaust pipe VW 50 x 150

    Flex pipe Hosen tube flexible pipe flex piece flex parts exhaust pipe VW 50 x 150 We offer you a new flex pipe with the dimensions 50 x 150

    Inner diameter: 50 mm

    Length: 150 mm
    Flex trick length: 130 mm


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    Special features when selling starter batteries

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    Insofar as we have issued a deposit brand in accordance with Section 10 (1) sentence 3 BATTG, the reimbursement of the deposit when returning the vehicle balancing battery depends on the return of the deposit brand.

    Drop off location is listed in the Contacts address.

    A return of the old battery by post is not permitted due to the dangerous goods regulation.

    Alternatively, vehicle batteries can also be handed over free of charge at recycling and recycling stations. The deposit we raised is not refunded by the public- legal value and recycling yards. However, you have the option of having the return of the vehicle battery acknowledged on the deposit brand. You will receive the battery deposit from us against the presentation of the acknowledged deposit brand.

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    Flexrohr VW50x150

    Barcode: 5907707580109

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