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    Glow plug Master for JD Bus FD Kasten Ed/HD/UD platform 2.2 DCI 90 2.5 DCI 120

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    Glow plug Master II JD BUS FD Kasten Ed/HD/UD platform 2.2 DCI 90 2.5 DCI 120

    Glow plug Renault Traffic II JL BUS FL Kasten el Pritsche 2.5 DCI 134 145 We offer you a new glow plug here
    Technical specifications:
    Nominal voltage 11V power strength 17A
    Sub -glow capable key width 10mm
    Thread mass M10 x 1
    Total length 152 mm
    Installation depth 25 mm
    Conuscup 63 °
    Connection technology: PIN
    Capital torque 15 nmmbruchmoment 35 Nm

    Suitable for:
    Mark model platform type construction motorway IVJK0/1_2.2 DCI2002/11-2015/122188 CCM, 110 KW, 150 PSREALSTESPACE IVJK0/1_2-2015/122188 CCM, 102 KW, 139 PSRENAUSTAGUNA IIBG0/10-2015/10-2015 122188 CCM, 110 KW, 150 PSREALTLAGUNA IIBG0/1_2005/05-2015/122188 CCM, 102 KW, 140 PSREALTLAGUNA II Grandtourkg0/1_2001/10-2015/122188 CCM, 150 PSRANALTLAGUNA II Grandtourkg0/ 1_2.2 DCI2005/05-2015/122188 CCM, 102 KW, 140 PSRENAUSTMASTER II BUSJD2.2 DCI 902000/09-2015/122188 CCM, 60 PSRENAUSTMASTER II BUSJD2.5 DCI 1202001/122463 cc, 84 KW, 115 PSRENAULTMASTER II Kastenfd2.2 DCI 902000/122188 CCM, 66 KW, 90 PSRENAULTMASTER II Kastenfd2.5 DCI 1202001/10-2015/122463 CCM, 115 PSREALTMASTER II stipulated/HD/HD/ UD2.2 DCI 902000/09-2015/122188 CCM, 66 KW, 90 PSREALTMASTER II Prists/Freichtliteled/HD/UD2.5 DCI 1202001/122463 CCM, 84 PSREALTTRAFIC II BUSJL2.5 DCI 1352003/ 05-2015/122464 CCM, 99 kW, 135 PSRENAULTTRAFIC II BUSJL2.5 DCI 1452006/08-2015/122464 CCM, 146 PSRENAULTTRAFIC II Kastenfl2.5 DCI 1352003/05-2015/122464 CCM, 135 PSREALTTRAFIC II Kastenfl2.5 DCI 1452006/08-2015 /122464 CCM, 107 KW, 146 PSREALTTRAFIC II Pritus/Fleetellel2.5 DCI 1352001/03-2015/122463 CCM, 99 KW, 135 PSREALTTRAFIC II platform/Fleet Dellel2.5 DCI 1452006/08-2015/122464 CCM, 146 PSRENAULTVEL SATISBJ0_2.2 DCI2002/06-2015/122188 CCM, 110 kW, 150 PSRENAULTVEL SATISBJ0_2.2 DCI2004/04-2015/122188 CCM, 85 kW, 116 hp

    Beru comparison no. GN 026
    NGK comparison no. Y-517J
    Bosch comparison no. 0250202128
    OE comparison: 4430069, 4430920, 4506155, 8200012099, 8200445627, 8671012311, 8200517313, 0100226351
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    Gluehkerze 66-0038 | MAXG

    Barcode: Nicht zutreffend

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